Fanslink Information Technology Co., Ltd.


Fanslink Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Business Mode


Omni-channel Landing service for Brands

1. Digital marketing service
2. Ecommerce operation
3. Brand retail stores
4. Distributor system build up


Fanslink Business

1. Fanslink Mall site
2. VIP member system
3. Fanslink brand products
4. Fanslink social media
5. Fanslink online series stores


New Retail

1. Offline experience shops
2. Online VIP member system
3. Service offline customers with online user data

Business Segments

Import/Export for products and technology
Online Ecommerce
Channel and retail sales
Information technology Service

About Us

FANSLINK group is devoted to its business model and wish to be a prime leader of the industry within three years cultivation into SEA market.
A. Omni-Channel Enabler for Brand Oversea Expansion
B. SEA New Retail Pioneer
C. FANSLINK Self-own Brand
Upon a year of striving, FANSLINK has sturdy growth on organizing 200+ elites from around the world, covering Thailand, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Meanwhile, we are positively reform the partnership system, in which all the managing professionals will be a part of the shareholders.

For the past year, we have successfully gained quite several national partnerships with such as Xiaomi, VIOMI, AMAZEFIT, ZMI, Yi, 1 more, 90 Fun, 70mai, Ninebot, Lefun, 8H, QCY Victor, Yanxuan etc. as country level cooperator.

Currently, not only senior management personnel but also Thai-Chinese entrepreneur, famous automobile group family, a Hong Kong listed company and the newly star from Internet industry are all concluded in the part of the shareholder structure. Moreover, we also closely work with significant strategic partners for further investment possibility.

Company Culture: Believe Love Efficiency

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Fanslink Group

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